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Joy At Work TM - Redefining the concept of co-working spaces

The last decade has been one of the major economic upheavals. Its main impact has been on businesses, big and small. While these businesses have undergone organizational restructuring and borderless interaction, it has also resulted in unprecedented business growth. Besides the internet, which can be credited for this upheaval, there are numerous other tangible changes that have taken place - the proliferation of freelancers and the growth of co-working spaces to cater to them - being a few of them.
Co-working spaces arose out of the need to provide businesses with a shared work environment that could cater to different requirements and budgets. According to this infographic by Officevibe, 40% of the future workforce will be entrepreneurs and freelancers by 2020, 90% of them will use a co-working space and 90% of today’s freelancers already love working in one.
Start-ups have always been credited as the instigators for this. However, the reality is that businesses with different strengths are increasingly using such spaces, not only as a physical location to work out of but as a support system that makes their work easy and seamless.
Increased productivity, bigger collaboration, and better networking are often cited as the reasons for the popularity of co-working spaces. Coworking spaces, especially across homogenous groups such as startups and businessmen, also enable peer-to-peer learning, according to Forbes. While all this is very relevant, what differentiates Golden Square from the rest is the single-minded purpose of building a sense of community and leveraging in-house support we provide so that businesses get to focus on their core work.
In today’s telecommuting culture, there are several deterrents that prevent people from owning and operating their own space. High rentals, costly overheads, customized furnishings and the time-consuming process of building support services such as internet and telephone stop many an entrepreneur from taking up space on their own. In a connected world, people can work out of anywhere, communicate and collaborate sitting miles away from each other.
Although all co-working serve a fundamental need of a space to work from, their true benefit is derived when they go above and beyond this simple call. In terms of broad business models, they can be grouped into these segments.
  • Commercial: These are created by people who have invested in capital to convert a large space into a co-working space.
  • Spare Space: Companies with plenty of office space, convert additional space into a co-working area.
  • Aggregators: These bring together different coworking spaces and provide a common platform for clients to access these coworking spaces. 
Besides the obvious space for businesses, they are also designed to provide basic amenities to facilitate work and increase productivity. Every coworking space is equipped with internet, telecommunications network, infrastructures such as tables, chairs, conference rooms and furnishings and the flexibility to use these services whenever required.
Golden Square’s co-working spaces provide all the basic facilities for businesses to use. What sets us apart are the connections we facilitate.  For many entrepreneurs and start-ups, the professional journey is a solitary one. This gets even more difficult when a solo entrepreneur has to manage his core work, besides doing the tonnes of things that keeps his business running. Ultimately, productivity suffers and work goes nowhere. Besides the basic amenities that Golden Square provides, our constant endeavor is to ensure that people develop deeper relationships with other entrepreneurs, work productivity is at an optimum, with lesser distractions - physical and mental - yet constantly on a communicative and collaborative high.

Our co-working spaces are created for  ‘Joy at Work’, and are defined by four dimensions;

  • Productive facilities: Our co-working spaces are equipped with affordable, state-of-the-art facilities, an office space that you can call your own. Quiet surroundings, spacious rooms, sound-proof walls, seamless internet, telephone connectivity, and centralized air-conditioning are just some of the basic facilities we provide.
  • Support Services: Work is joy when ideas flow seamlessly when interruptions cease and goals are accomplished. This only happens when everything else is taken care of. Golden Square supports you in all your non-core tasks  - from running errands to admin work - so that you concentrate on what you do best.
  • Facilitation: Having had thousands of businessmen work from our offices across the city, we know what kind of assistance you require at any point in time. We help you collaborate with vendors and undertake much of the tasks you would otherwise do yourself. Our in-house network facilitates recruitment, sourcing, finance management and more, and we provide references of top sources in the industry whom you may need to connect with for any task.
  • Community: Working together helps build ‘community thinking’ with like-minded people who can collaborate together. Global Coworking Survey 2017 shows ‘community building’ as one of the top attractors of new members. Golden Square’s ‘community’ is what differentiates us from other co-working spaces. We take our job very seriously, and over the last several years have had people walking through our doors and creating a strong sense of ownership, collaboration and networking.  
Golden Square operates six fully furnished, versatile and curated co-working spaces in four prime commercial hubs across Bangalore. All our spaces are in close proximity to major businesses, tech parks, restaurants, offices, and commercial spaces. Our community is a widely distributed network of individuals who use our office spaces for work but eventually stay on to make it so much more. We help you realize your passion, potential, and productivity while taking care of everything else.


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