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Can I ever get a study free from external disturbances ?

Yet here I was, like any other women bearing dual roles, one of a responsible housewife, a mother of a young daughter and one as a student preparing for GMAT.

I initially converted one of a spare room at my residence as my Study, however having a young daughter at home concentrating on my GMAT preparation was a big challenge. To add to it, my husband started using my study as his office while he opted to Work from home.

I was left with no place to study and take up Online tests. I forced myself to look for an alternate option outside which gave me a desk, a place free from noise and uninterrupted Internet connectivity, especially while I would take online tests. My choices were spread across Cafes, Internet hubs, and Coworking facilities.

I enrolled myself a membership in one of the co-working facility in HSR layout assuming it will meet all my requirements as promised. I was initially given a desk, due to a lot of external disturbances like other fellow co-workers phone calls I requested the service providers to give me a better place. I was then given the admin's cabin which still did not serve my purpose and finally was given a desk in an empty cabin that would have employees working in the night shift. I wasn't assured that the night shift members may not turn up during the day.

My preparation definitely needed 6-8 hours of time with no interruptions at any cost. However as days passed I was not able to concentrate on my studies due to uncontrollable external factors, especially when I had to encounter few of the fellow co-workers really loud over their phone calls which break through my ears in spite of wearing headphones. This definitely broke my concentration every now and then, and I decided to move out of such a place and find another study.

I was very clear of the kind of setup I was looking for, No loud phone calls, High speed and interrupted internet, Peaceful and calm place aiding to my productivity.

One of my friend from a startup community strongly recommended Golden Square. I signed up for a coworking membership at Koramangala Prime Location. Miss Pooja as cheerful as possible was very accommodative and helped me settle in the new setup very smoothly. Since then there is no looking back in searching for an Ideal study. I am given a cubicle in a cabin that is literally free from noise, free from loud phone calls and has high internet connectivity. The place is congenial for any student like me who needs to dedicate hours of their time in preparation for a big GOAL.

This place for some reason, I don't get exhausted at all. It helps me keep focused 7-8 hours preparing as well as increases my productivity. The option of accessing my cubicle even on Sundays was a great plus point for me to choose Golden Square. Services here are very personalized and are tailor-made to attend to all the minute requirements of a client. Getting a cup of coffee at your own desk is at ease so that your focus is not wandered and serves the purpose.

I am very glad to have chosen Golden Square as my study as it not only gives me a calm peaceful place with no interruptions, but it also increases my productivity. IT'S WORTH THE MONEY.

by one of our esteemed member


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