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Inspiration from Nature- Basic Building Blocks for Scaling a Business.

What is the basic building block for your Business? Well before you answer that question lets take a look at nature. You will notice that there is a spiral pattern getting repeated. This pattern is drawn more precisely like this. Notice how the spiral can go on till infinity. The ratio of the sides of the rectangle is 1.618 and is known as the Golden Number. It is called so because this pattern is found so often in nature. It is almost like a basic building block of nature. Nature builds one tiny "fractal" with the Golden Number / Golden Ratio and replicates it for scale. The same principle can be used for scaling a business. Get the Golden Number for your business and then it scales. For Starbucks, it is the combination of good quality coffee, the ambiance, etc. Once you get the right mix the business is ready to scale. For Google, it is searching and being a repository of all information. For LinkedIn it is connections. For Facebook it is f

Why no Gold colour in Golden Square Logo?

Some friends ask me why there is no Gold Color in Golden Square logo. Well, there are two reasons, one to do with the meaning and the other more practical to do with printing. "Golden" in this case is referring to the Adjective:- " Marked by prosperity, creativity, etc. " as in, 'the Renaissance was a Golden Era.' "Square" stands for a meeting place, similar to a Market Square , where transactions and business happens. The first logo of Golden Square did have a little bit of Gold color. However, we ran into practical difficulties in printing signage and visiting cards. Gold is not an easy color to print. So we decided to have only Blue and Black. Why Blue? Well, that is another story altogether. Golden Square :- The place for business prosperity.