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3 Ways in Which Co-working Enhances Productivity

Work is worship is what we’ve all grown up listening to, and by this very definition it is an exercise that is meditative, absorbing and indulgent. The purpose of work as defined by us has undergone a significant shift through the years. What began as a single-minded practical means to earn a livelihood, then became one of engagement and collaboration with fellow workers. The definition of work today isn’t just about earning for the self, but also ensuring that we are happy doing what we do. Being productive is therefore about getting the maximum done out of the few hours we put into work everyday.

Different people work in different spaces and there are varying factors that affect productivity. While some work all by themselves and love their flexible timings, others work with organisations that focus on specific tasks and goals. Co-working falls midway between these two extremes. It allows professionals to go about their own tasks but also provides the opportunity to collaborate and engage with a different set of people entirely. This constant engagement and getting to observe and interact with other people is known to increase productivity, as confirmed in a research by Deskmag and Deskwanted.

According to their findings,

74% of coworkers are more productive than others
86% love having this big business network
2/3rd of such people feel more creative and collaborate more

With such compelling statistics, it is hardly a wonder that coworking is opted by most professionalstoday, a majority of whom run their own ventures. Even among the remainder 46% who work for companies and organisations, there is a definite shift in occupying such spaces for greater collaboration and productivity. At Golden Square, ERP Solutions and NSG Global India Pvt. Ltd are two established companies who have been associated with us since several years and have many employees working from our offices.

When it comes to enriching productivity, there are several reasons why co-working spaces have their own perks. Given that co-working means ‘working independently, together’, this shared environment works in different ways.


Co-working is working while sitting together with others in a shared space. These people may be entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businessmen and even large corporates, as we’ve seen in the people who use the space at Golden Square. Engaging with others who have varied tastes, are creative, think out of the box is very inspirational. Besides the obvious influence in the sphere of work, what a co-working space such as Golden Square also lends is the sense of community and in-house support that is constantly on offer. People thus get to work without allowing work-related distractions to set in. Besides it also ignites ideas and creativity.


Co-working brings together people across industries with varying skill sets. It helps put people with others and connects them which otherwise wouldn’t have ever been possible. When stuck with problems that need a fresh insight or a different perspective, there is always someone to think from a different angle. Networking helps open your eyes to other people to whom you can outsource specific tasks because of their expertise. This ensures you have enough time to work for maximum productivity, as well as connect with other people whenever the need arises.


Balancing work and personal life is a constant struggle. Oftentimes we are stretched thin while doing both, and productivity gets hit. A co-working space ensures you focus on your core tasks because all the non-productive tasks are taken care of by others. One of Golden Square’s prime goals is to ensure that work doesn’t become stressful for people. This is the reason our tagline ‘Joy at

Work’ signifies people who work in a happy space that is also stress-free.

Productivity is a simple word but when done effectively ensures people work less, deliver more and are happy at the end of it all. This simple and happy space is what Golden Square, a Bangalore based co-working space with office spaces spread across Bangalore aims to provide people who work out of it.


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