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Green Power

They have set out to bring in a change in the way Industries and Commercial establishments meet their energy requirements. While generating revenue with the business model, the endeavor is to reduce India’s crude oil bill to the most possible extent. Persept Solar is an Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore / NSRCEL incubated Independent Power Producing [IPP] company offering  ”Solar PV Power as a Service”. The green power from renewable energy source offered by Persept Solar aims to reduce the dependence on the expensive captive diesel power plants used by Indian Industries, Commercial Establishments due to the ever-increasing power requirements. Persept Solar has been in business for almost 2 and a half years. It was founded by two IIMB Alumni, with the firm belief that Solar Power can address a significant part of the existing demand-supply gap in the country. We recently had a brief interactive session with the core team comprising Mr. Srinivas Ramp