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The Decline of Coworking during a Pandemic And the Subtle Beauty of Serviced Private Offices

The World Health Organization (WHO) characterized COronaVIrus DIsease (COVID-19) as a pandemic. With over 17,93,224 cases globally and a death toll that has rapidly crossed 1,10,052, the impact is felt across different geographies of the World from Asia to Europe. Statistics Upto 12-April-2020, Source: Though India has done well in containing the reach of the virus, there are worries about community transmission accelerating the spread of this contagion. Currently, nearly more than 1200 cases have been reported and a total of 32 deaths have been reported across India. Due to this outbreak, we cannot ignore the fact that there will be a significant impact on the global economy, trade and supply chain leading to an economic slowdown. It is estimated that the Global GDP will suffer an impact of around 0.5%. According to a FICCI (Federation Of Indian Chambers Of Commerce and Industry) survey, 53%

Experts Tips To Working From Home For Enhanced Productivity

Working out of your home office was never this easy.  Amidst the lockdown how can one possibly be working out of their Home Offices yet be Productive?   With Golden Square's advice on Home Office Tips, it is no longer difficult to work from home. Follow these simple tips to change your challenges into opportunities and give your best. Temporary office tips from the Experts themselves Working from home can be Troublesome. Most of them who have never experienced Work from home and are forced to do so for various reasons could be a bit of a struggle.  Can a professional be productive Working from Home?   If yes how does one do so?   Can I also be productive?  Sure there are hundreds of questions and thoughts running around in one's mind. How do you make the best out of a work from the home situation? Here’s what the experts say. Share these tips with someone struggling with productivity at their home office.  Regard