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Joy At Work TM - Redefining the concept of co-working spaces

The last decade has been one of the major economic upheavals. Its main impact has been on businesses, big and small. While these businesses have undergone organizational restructuring and borderless interaction, it has also resulted in unprecedented business growth. Besides the internet, which can be credited for this upheaval, there are numerous other tangible changes that have taken place - the proliferation of freelancers and the growth of co-working spaces to cater to them - being a few of them. Co-working spaces arose out of the need to provide businesses with a shared work environment that could cater to different requirements and budgets. According to this infographic by Officevibe, 40% of the future workforce will be entrepreneurs and freelancers by 2020, 90% of them will use a co-working space and 90% of today’s freelancers already love working in one. Start-ups have always been credited as the instigators for this. However, the reality is that businesses with different s

Can I ever get a study free from external disturbances ?

Yet here I was, like any other women bearing dual roles, one of a responsible housewife, a mother of a young daughter and one as a student preparing for GMAT. I initially converted one of a spare room at my residence as my Study, however having a young daughter at home concentrating on my GMAT preparation was a big challenge. To add to it, my husband started using my study as his office while he opted to Work from home. I was left with no place to study and take up Online tests. I forced myself to look for an alternate option outside which gave me a desk, a place free from noise and uninterrupted Internet connectivity, especially while I would take online tests. My choices were spread across Cafes, Internet hubs, and Coworking facilities. I enrolled myself a membership in one of the co-working facility in HSR layout assuming it will meet all my requirements as promised. I was initially given a desk, due to a lot of external disturbances like other fellow co-workers phone cal