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How to Enable your Software Development Team

  Software developers all have the same amount of time every week. Some use that time effectively to ship great products and others push things to the next sprint. For a software development team to have peak productivity, both skillset and work environment matters. Unfortunately, even for the most skilled teams, the modern work environment can become a productivity killer. Constant pings on messaging apps, interruptions from well meaning office colleagues, and the constant pull of emails, social media, and other time killers make a team highly unproductive. How can we design a better work environment for a more productive software development team? Current office designs are not suitable for teams that require uninterrupted time to do deep focused work. Most offices are designed with an open office plan. These are terrible for focused work, or any kind of deep work.  Most companies decide to implement an open office plan due to cost consideration. But they come with a lot of disadvant