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This is the first blog so it makes sense to start right at the beginning. Why did we start Golden Square? The plan was hatched in 1994. I had decided to become an Entrepreneur and looking for good ideas. Someone suggested why not a Business Centre? The idea appealed to me. India was just opening up, after 1991 the wind of liberalization started blowing in the country. Just a few years back IBM had come back to India, there was a lot of new business activity likely to happen. However, starting a new company in India was still not so easy. Just getting a new telephone connection used to take 6 months and that was considered fast. So the idea that we could make it easy for companies to get started in Bangalore appealed to me. There was a definite need. The 1st Unit of Golden Square at Vittal Mallya Rd. Bangalore. We were not the Pioneers in the Market. DBS was an established player. There were several others like Pan Asia Business Centre and Executive Chambers in the Market.