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Why a Permanent Registered Office matters now more than ever…

  What’s the next step? What’s the next step I need to take in order to ensure that my company makes it through these uncertain times? As a business owner and entrepreneur, you’ve certainly had to re-evaluate much about your business over the past year. Before success or even sustainability, it’s time now to look to survival- to cut out all the non-essential costs and keep the business alive. You may be looking towards downsizing and surrendering your office...but with the ambiguity regarding the future, it can be daunting to get locked in with a smaller space. At the same time, jumping from office to office, with all the paperwork and energy that it entails, is not at all a viable solution. So what’s the next step? How do we find stability? It’s simple. Register your Business at a Professional Address- When you register your Office at a space like Golden Square, you promptly solve many of the challenges that come with gauging the longevity of such a unique situat