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Office Choice and Employee Engagement

The conclusion from the research is remarkable.
Virtual Workers are twice as engaged as their office-bound colleagues if they feel that they are part of a team… is a conclusion one can draw from a Recent Research Published in Harvard Business Review

To quote,  “Regular communication with colleagues is important, of course. But as anyone who has worked in an open office can attest, the ability to minimize distractions is crucial to engagement. The critical factor is whether virtual workers feel that they’re part of a team. If they do, they’re twice as engaged as their office-bound colleagues.”
Although distraction free work in important, there are times when we need team interactions. Technology can come to the rescue here. Modern video conferencing software, collaboration tools, and task management systems help us get work done. Even if the team members are remote collaboration can happen. But there are times when the team ha…

What Does Your Office Say About You: A Mature Professional Or A Party Animal?

How fascinating it can be to have your office space decked up like you are actually in a disco, partying. Wait a minute. A disco in an office? Really?? Sit back and think about what should be one’s real motivation to come to the office. Have fun or get work done?

Today's work culture, becoming more agile and influential by nonprofessional setups, are taking a toll on our productive formal office spaces. Be it from a startup or a well-established company, everyone aims at doing their best to be in line with the company’s interest and success. But can a business be successful while having jazzy, fancy and loud office setups that look hip while not appearing to be an ideal workplace?

The answer to this would be to take a closer look at the workspace that an employee spends most of his/her time at.
Ideal features of a professional workspace should include: Well furnished setupWell furnished setup Neat work deskSoothing WallsSubtle colorsCalm and peaceful infrastructure An individu…