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A Strong Foundation for Entrepreneurs- My Journey -Dr. Silky Mahajan

Dr. Silky Mahajan, the entrepreneur of Foods & Nutrition Clinic, is one of our esteemed clients from the JP Nagar branch of Golden Square. Starting with a basic Snap office membership in 2015 where she met her clients on an hourly basis, she has now upgraded to a fully-fledged customized cabin.

 Here’s what she had to say about having her office with Golden Square:

When your foundation is strong, you can grow as big as possible. Golden Square is my foundation and I’m happy being here.

You are alone when you start something, but you don’t feel alone when you’re at Golden Square. This is because the staff and the people here are very welcoming.

I moved to Bangalore from Punjab in the year 2012. I was totally new to the city and didn’t know how my business would grow here. I found a lot of options as to where to set up my office in Bangalore, but I was concerned as to whether or not the location and the office space would be suitable for our business requirement. So I made a checklist of the key things I should look for while setting up my clinic:

  1. Location
  2. Service Provider
  3. The Staff at the Business Centre
  4. The Overall Environment of the Workspace

We found out about Golden Square and heard it was one of the best places to set up your business as they had been in the market for over two decades; catering to small startups and MNCs. We shortlisted the workspace as it matched all the criteria mentioned and in April of 2015, I started my first office in Bangalore with Golden Square. Since then, to date, there is no looking back for me. I don’t ever want to change my workspace now as there is a connection I feel with everyone here.

The prime deciding factor for me was the location of the office as I would have my clients visiting me from all over the city and country. Golden Square had 6 locations, all of them easily accessible and located centrally. I decided to go with the JP Nagar branch as my clients would be mostly from the sports industry and there are many sports centres in and around JP Nagar. I soon took up a membership in the Koramangala branch as well, because I was visiting the Koramangala branch as and when it was convenient for clients coming in on a specific day of consultation.

Golden Square's team member’s approach towards my clients and me is truly Commendable. I’ve been to other business centres, yet the staff over there are not very welcoming or proactive in receiving my clients. If you are not proactive, you can not run a business and in my line of work, one has to be on their toes in addressing clients who may be actors, sportspersons, politicians or even the general public.

The staff at Golden Square, on the other hand, are very proactive and handle my clients really well. They make my clients feel welcomed and accommodate them in the lobby while I’m busy. They make sure my clients are as comfortable as possible while the reception informs me of their visit. Most of my clients are very happy to be here; to have their consultation handled by me at Golden Square as they are treated so warmly. I feel a certain positivity, an unmistakable feel-good factor whenever I’m here and it motivates me to do my best.

The team at Golden Square’s JP Nagar Branch is the most professional and humble team I have ever worked with. In my career and business, I have met more than a thousand people but David is the best soul, someone who has always come up to help me. I mean this 200%. This centre is running successfully because of David. He has always been there, since the initial days of my business till date. At first, I had found it difficult to manage two clinics but it was David from Golden Square who was the motivation for my business growth. Ghanvi and Mamatha also deserve a lot of credit for how well they handled my clients. They are patient and caring in making my clients feel comfortable. My sessions sometimes go up to an hour, but still, my clients waiting at the reception are being taken care of. The entire staff of Golden Square, be it Raghu, Praful, Bharath, Deepak or Lakshman are always there to help in terms of serving tea/coffee, fixing up the internet or anything else one might need in an office.

I feel very productive when I work out of Golden Square as it’s a hassle-free environment and that motivates me. You don’t have the headache of checking your mundane admin activities like Water, Electricity, AC, Telephone, etc. Everything is taken care of very efficiently. You just need to treat them as part of your company and the rest will fall into place with Golden Square.

Golden Square also has a lot of activities, be it poojas, festivals, celebrating birthdays or any other gathering. We are all invited to be a part of it and we celebrate it together. It’s more like a family to me.

There is no need to have a big business or a fancy office to grow your business fast. You can begin somewhere where your surroundings, team members and service providers are very helpful and grow your business as much as you can with a sense of satisfaction. I was told by my husband to look out for a bigger place as my team was growing. Golden Square not only helped grow my business but also provided me with an additional cabin and made sure we work more productively out of the space. I was also given the privilege of customizing my cabin and branding it as per my business requirement. When your foundation is strong, you can grow as big as possible. Golden Square is my foundation and I’m happy being here.

Golden Square team’s timely actions and care make my stay at Golden Square a breeze. It is a hassle-free, productive workspace that ensures that I am always in a state of flow.


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