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Customized Office Space for Your State of Flow

Creating your own customized office space isn’t easy, is it?

Every company has its own work culture and its own ideal office setup which allows it to be at its most productive state. Every team has its own unique design aesthetic. Every individual has their own lifestyle and environment that they are familiar with and comfortable with. It is very unlikely that anyone will find their ideal workspace easily, and setting it up yourself takes a lot of time and effort - time and effort, which could otherwise be spent actually getting your work done.

Setting up an office to suit your specific needs can be a difficult and wearisome task.

This was more or less exactly the problem that the US-based MNC Modelytics was facing when they decided to set up an office in Bangalore. Except, for them, it wasn’t much of a problem at all! The entire process was smooth-sailing, and even enjoyable for them because they had the Golden Square team on their side.  

Modelytics is a software development company with its headquarters situated in the USA. In May 2019 they wanted to open a branch office in Bangalore and decided to use Golden Square’s CBD - South branch (Wilson Garden). But as a company, they had many many specifications as to what their office should be like. The Golden Square team made it happen to their satisfaction.

For starters, Modelytics needed to accommodate quite a big team. They needed 18 workstations with 2 meeting rooms, one manager's cabin, 2 separate open space for HR and Accounts heads and one server room with a work desk for their IT person. The GS team responded to this need by creating customized cabins for them. 33 workstations spread across 7 different cabins were redesigned to suit the needs of the client. Each function of the company, like HR, IT and finance, was provided with a separate section and these spaces were renovated to act as one larger unit.

The company also had very particular specifications for the setup of each workstation, all of which were accommodated with ease by the GS team. Minute details like the size of the workstation, the type of table, the spacing between workstations and the overall layout were all taken care of. The offices were remodeled with personalized interiors and a printer.  The company also wished to have a biometric system in place for security purposes which was installed at the entrance of their own dedicated office.  

Some of their requirements stemmed from their particular line of work. As a software development company, they deal with a heavy load of data. The GS team took the necessary steps to set up an exclusive dedicated server room for them, complete with Split AC support. They were even equipped with their own lease line for the internet within the premises, and a mini-tower was installed for them in the building for better connectivity. It was also crucial that their systems did not shut-down unexpectedly. To address this issue, UPS backup was provided for 25 systems. In fact, through Golden Square, this was done at a very low cost - 30% lower than the regular market price. This is possible as we have an extensive trusted network of various service providers and vendors.

The employees at modelytics often work late hours. A team member from Golden Square will always be present until the last employee wraps up for the day. Further, the members are connected with our regular trustworthy cab service provider to ensure that they have a safe way to get back home even late at night.

All of these modifications were done by the GS team without any inconvenience to the client. The customized office was delivered within 45 days at relatively low capital investment. The GS team was in touch with the decision-makers at the Modelytics headquarters in the US throughout. Work was done so efficiently that they didn’t need to come all the way over to India even once.

Modelytics now has a fully functional, personalized dedicated office space with modern amenities specially crafted to suit their needs, habits, and unique work culture. This is in addition to the services already available through Golden Square, such as a business address, customized business support, reception services, secretarial services, office help, errand services and more. The employees are free to work in a state of flow while Golden Square takes care of their office.  

Modelytics is a happy member of Golden Square since the 2nd of May, 2019.

If you’re looking for an office that fits you, Golden Square is the place to be. Be it a single desk or an entire facility, Golden Square offers customization to suit your needs and budget. Modelytics is just one recent example. We have tremendous experience catering to varied industries and requirements since 1995.

Want to discuss your office space needs? We are happy to share our expertise. Please write to


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