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What Does Your Office Say About You: A Mature Professional Or A Party Animal?

How fascinating it can be to have your office space decked up like you are actually in a disco, partying. Wait a minute. A disco in an office? Sit back and think about what should be one’s real motivation to come to the office. Have fun or get work done?

Today's work culture is taking a toll on our productivity. Work is becoming more agile. Offices are becoming casual, and interactive setups. Be it from a startup or a well-established company, everyone has a coffee shop vibe to their workplace. But can a business be successful when employees are not productive? 

This is a complex issue that requires a closer look at the workspace that an employee spends most of his/her time at.

Ideal features of a professional workspace include:

  1. Well furnished setup
  2. Neat work desk
  3. Soothing Walls
  4. Subtle colors
  5. Calm and peaceful infrastructure
Office surroundings affect individuals' productivity.

Now imagine skilled, high paid professionals suffering in poor office setup. Constant interruptions demotivate the employee from giving their best. 

Now, imagine a well maintained professional setup, enhancing employee productivity. You will contribute to your team as well as the business’s productivity in this atmosphere. A small desk may or may not make much difference to an employee at first. But over a period, it starts affecting the productivity of the employee. 

Where and Why to have fancy jazzy setups at office premises

It's good to have some buzz happening in your office space but not at the cost of distracting employees.

It is advisable to have some colors, music, and people’s buzz in common areas. This helps people meet others from different departments. In case of shared offices, this helps build networks. Such places within the office can be a Hub for networking, games, break time, and quick recreation.  Whenever the individual feels the need for a break, they can go to a common area to refresh themselves for a while. They can then get back to work to their private offices that are actually meant for work. Such office setups are ideal for high focus work.

It is advisable to have some colors, music, and people’s buzz in common areas where you can meet professionals from different industries and connect. Such places within the office can be a Hub for networking, games, break time, quick recreation, etc. Whenever the individual feels the monotony of work or faces fatigue and requires a break, they can come down to the common area to refresh themselves for a while. They can then get back to work to their private offices that are actually meant for work. Such office setups are ideal in the current scenario.

Matured professionals would not want a beer on their work desk or other distractions. One has to know for a fact that the employee cannot be productive in a cafe or pub-like environment. The choice is about creating a workspace for focused productivity instead of distractions.

The basic essence of a formal workspace lies in the very fact of how the mood of the employee is set. The better the professional setup, the better the mindset to work. Though the modern workspaces look and feel fanciful, they are not conducive for work. It's good to design your office setup with such amenities in the common areas. Here the employees or the team can take a break and socialize.

The best workspace should be a mixture of professional office and common areas that are fun to be at. By implementing such an office concept you get best of old traditional office space without distractions. There is a thin line between fun at work and Joy at Work. You can have fun at work only when you have Joy at Work.

Fancy office spaces are like a piece of cake but your formal calm professional work setup is your main course. You will enjoy eating the cake but eating only cake is not sustainable in the long run.  So, irrespective of how the modern open loud work setup maybe during the initial days, fatigue and distractions set in real fast. Employees soon realize the importance of productivity and become eager to work in a calm and peaceful office.

To conclude: Absence of beer taps, glass walls, loud colors, and music will not affect your productivity but their presence will.


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